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mariasangria's Journal

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pleasure activist, positive advocate, romantic optimist... eager traveler... spirit-driven... mastered the art of transforming negativity into positivity AND dreams and fantasies into reality... mastered the art of forgiveness... escapee from Hurricane Katrina... social butterfly... environmentally friendly... empowering myself, friends, lovers, strangers, the enemy, all my relations and my relations relations... variety renews amorous ardor again and again...
acoustic music, adventure, african music, afro-beat, afro-cuban music, all people, altars, animals, aromatherapy, art, astrology, babatunde olatunji's teachings, balancing/cleansing chakras, basketball, beaches, bicycling, bob marley birthday party, body painting, brass bands, brazilian music, breathing deeply, bush doctors, butterflies, candles, caribbean music, caribbean sea, carnival music, carnivals, chanting & drumming, chocolate body frosting, cirque de soliel, conflict resolutions, conscious dancehall, costume-themed parties, dancing, destiny cards, dj's, dolphins, dreadlocks, drum circles, dub, elders and children, exotic-erotic elixirs, explosions of creativity, feng shui, festivals, fields of flowers, forgiveness, funk music, global cooking, global drumming, hammocks in trees, healing crystals and stones, hiking in jamaica, hiking in northern california, hip hop, hoffman institute, hot tubbing, houseboats, humor, jazz, jungles, labyrinths, latin music, live original music, love cards, magic, mardi gras indian chanting, massage, mayan lunar calendar..., medicine cards, meditation, mental telepathy messages, middle eastern music, mountains, musicians, mystery dates, neo-soul music, nyabinghi, only love prevails, photography, ping-pong, poetry, poets, rainbows, rainforests, reasonings, recycling, reggae, reggaeton, reiki, restaurants, rituals, romance, runes, sacred circles, sage smudgings and blessings, self-healing, shamanism, sharing empowering techniqes, sleeping outdoors, snorkeling, solo flute, soul music, spiritual baths, steel pans, stretching, sunsets, sweat lodges, swimming in sacred waters, tantra, tarot, the four agreements, theatre, travel, variety of cultures, visualizing, waterfalls, world beat music, world citizenship, writing